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Celebrate You in 2021!!

2021 is not the year to make a New Year’s resolution! This is the year to celebrate you!

You have had to adapt to a changing world, at home, at your workplace and in your community.

Life has not been easy for anyone, so why would you add to your stress by deciding on adding another restriction to it right now.

Instead, if you are determined to make changes, do it because you are celebrating who you are, not because you want to be someone different. Choose to eat healthy because you deserve to feel good about what you are fueling your body with, but remember to allow yourself some treats along the way.

Life's too short. Eat the cake!

Get outside and reap the rewards of fresh air filling your lungs. Daily activities that help your health can be viewed as your personal recess, so enjoy time away from the computer screen, answering the phone, or serving customers or whatever it is you do day in and day out.

Recapture the feeling of being a kid when the bell went, and you busted outside to play!

Are you thinking of quitting smoking or giving up another unhealthy habit? Then these are acceptable changes because they could help add years to your life, but be sure to speak with your doctor first.

Buy yourself something nice with the money you save by giving up your vice! You deserve it!

Take time to reflect on 2020 and make a list of all of the things you accomplished. Maybe you were one of the many parents who had to take on (not by choice) homeschooling your child.

You deserve a gold star for that!

Perhaps you adapted to working while wearing a mask and full PPE.

Go on, take a bow, because you made a difference in helping keep your community safe!

Did you make more purchases locally in 2020 or make donations to the local food bank? Good for you supporting your neighbours in this challenging time; every little bit makes a difference.

Look at all you have to be proud of! Celebrate you in 2021!

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