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  • Tanya Hammond

Harrow Fair & Furnace Falls Farm, The Perfect Pairing!

Inside Furnace Falls Farm Barn with Harrow Fair

All Pictures Courtesy of The Ontario Festival of Small Halls.

The organizers of the Ontario Festival of Small Halls curated the pairing of the musicians and venue perfectly with Harrow Fair and Furnace Falls Farm. Mother Nature even cooperated by providing a lovely fall evening for guests to enjoy the outdoor BBQ beforehand. Corn stalks, pumpkins, and sunflowers helped set the stage in a rustic style suited to showcase the duo who embrace country roots calling themselves Harrow Fair.

Approximately 130 people came out to the event, many coming from neighbouring villages, and some travelling to Lyndhurst for the first time. Miranda Mulholland and Andrew Penner, the talented musicians who are Harrow Fair, expressed their joy in playing these types of venues. Andrew said he appreciates working with the people from Small Halls and credited the organizers for choosing such a fitting space for them.

Terri Dawson, owner of The Green Gecko in Lyndhurst and local Small Halls volunteer, commented that she loves “how this year’s event allowed a partnership with a local business and the community improvement group.” Terri felt “the night was a huge success and the music and atmosphere were outstanding.”

Miranda Mulholland & Andrew Penner at Furnace Falls Farm

Miranda and Andrew worked the crowd’s every emotion. With stirring ballads, boot-stomping strumming and humorous asides, the skilled duo melded their voices, at times sending a purposefully haunting chill soaring to the rafters and beyond. Everyone enjoyed the enchanting evening, including the musicians, visibly fueled by the audience’s response as the loud applause carried across the yard and into the nearby fields.

I selfishly stepped outside to experience part of the magical evening on my own. The sound of the pounding beat of the kick drum and the fancy fiddle work as it resonated out the barn roof was astounding. The pure pleasure of listening to the unique vocals, of old folk-country and foot-stomping, garage-style rock, created a tone that touched me deep inside. With the harvest moon that night casting a light over the beautiful venue and echoes of applause bursting from the beams, I knew this was the night that would inspire more concerts to come to Furnace Falls Farm.

While Wendy and staff pleasingly fed the crowd that night, the pairing of the charming barn and Harrow Fair with their fiddling flare, fed the soul.

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