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  • Tanya Hammond

Visit Delta Fair and make memories with family & friends!

(My Grandson, Carter Pictured Above)

Reminiscing about my time spent at Delta Fair over the years brings back fond memories. Like many from this area, as a kid, I would eagerly await the day in July when my parents would take me to the fair. Playing games and winning prized stuffed animals that would later line my bedroom shelves was the highlight for me. Of course, no trip to Delta Fair was complete without devouring some pink and blue cotton candy.

As I grew older, Delta Fair became more about meeting up with friends that I had not seen since school was out. My friends and I would gather and talk non-stop as we waited in line to ride the scrambler and the zipper. With every spin, we had more and more to talk about as we tried to outlast those who would start to feel woozy within the confines of the twirling cage.

In my high school years, I was given a different view of the Delta Fair. I found myself with the responsibility of being a vendor along with my sister selling flavoured popcorn — an idea backed by my supportive and entrepreneurial encouraging parents. Admittedly, I cannot remember how the sales went, although I do know that I left my sister to do her fair share of the selling. After all, it was the first time I had full access to the fair every day that it was in town, and at fifteen years old, I made use of it.

(My Son, Cody Pictured Above)

Later in life, I would visit Delta Fair as a parent. My son experienced his first fair ride there and delighted in the daring dirt bike riders that entertained the crowd. The fair soon became a bargaining tool I used with the promise of going as a reward for good behaviour. I am sure I wasn’t the first parent to use the fair to my advantage.

I remembered not too many years ago, my adult son, used Delta Fair as a reward with his kids. Coincidentally, that was the year I took our Grandson to the fair. Taking him on rides, seeing him wide-eyed and smiling the entire time was as much fun as enjoying the fair as a kid myself.

(My Grandson, Carter Pictured Above)

​I have come full circle, even participating in the home craft contests both as a child and an adult and have the ribbons to prove it!

Delta Fair really does have something for everyone.

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