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  • Tanya Hammond

Star Struck!

I am star struck! I am not talking about a sighting of Hollywood’s elite, but instead a meeting with local Astrologer, Annick Rousseau. I recently had the privilege of receiving an astrology reading from Annick, owner of Astro 4 U and member of the Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE).

Up until now, I have only been familiar with astrology as an agricultural tool or a zodiac sign. My knowledge regarding this scientific field is limited. However, Annick opened up my eyes to this ancient science and allowed me a precious glimpse into my own life from a different perspective.

Initially, Annick provided me with an introduction to astrology since I was unaware of what a birth chart reading was or how it could help me. I was intrigued by what Annick offered and the chance to be enlightened.

What unfolded next was a deep dive into my life with my strengths, talents, and weaknesses being revealed. Some, already clearly pursued by me, some hidden from others (not yet fully developed) and others I am fully aware of. As we moved from one piece of the chart to the next, I was blown away by the accuracy that Annick was able to describe the people and events in my life. Her description of my husband, whom she has never met, could not have been more bang on. We did share a laugh when I asked about my husband, and she looked at the chart and said “which one? The first one or second one?” My answer to that was, “ the second one and please don’t tell me there is a third.”

I continued to question Annick and listen to her and was flabbergasted that she was aware of my struggles with social anxiety especially in my primary school years. As our meeting progressed with in-depth discussions revolving around health, relationships, money, and business, I found myself more and more intrigued and inspired. Annick was very aware that my health has been stressed for some time and although she couldn’t tell me it would improve anytime soon she did tell me there is a light at the end of the tunnel this coming Spring. She did say I would be left with some dietary restrictions, but I am hoping that is the gluten and dairy intolerance I have started out with.

On the topic of health, I asked the question that I am sure pops into everyone's head when looking at future events. I bluntly asked Annick if ever she tells anyone about their own death with regard to a specific timeline. She answered this with a sensibility that can only come from experience. Annick told me that she learned a very good lesson early on when she was reading a chart and saw a pending death that she naively disclosed. Only later to learn that the death she saw could be a matter of interpretation of the significant event because the gentleman that she did the reading for received a sex change operation at the predicted future date and was transformed from a male to a female. A very big lesson indeed!

Similarly, she will not advise people against marriage, like she has seen some colleagues do, but instead, Annick can help with advice on making it work because of the clarity with which she sees the personalities involved when reading their charts. My curiosities revolved around health and business mostly and she provided some assistance with the direction I need to take for my well being. Annick also reassured me with her eye on the chart that my desire to constantly be learning and doing different things is essential for my personality with regard to staying balanced which will never change for me. Perhaps I don’t suffer from A.D.D but instead, being guided by a powerful planetary pull. That sounds much more exciting to me.

I don’t think I will view the moon, stars, earth or sun in the same way as I have in the past after my encounter with the gifted and talented local Astrologer, Annick Rousseau. She has been a practicing Astrologer for 19 years after completing a 4-year astrology course in Montreal. A Teacher and representative for CAAE, Annick can provide services in English, French (her native language) and Spanish. Located in the village of Lyndhurst, she provides services locally and worldwide meeting in person or using Skype. Some of her services include natal chart readings, career choice/changing astrology, relationship astrology, and commercial astrology.

Annick is in good company with some of the great thinkers of this world such as Aristotle, Plato, Sir Isaac Newton, and Carl Jung who all used Astrology as a great tool for insight. It is no wonder I was left a little star struck after our meeting.

To contact Annick e-mail or call 613-818-2972.

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