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  • Tanya Hammond

Business as usual because age is just a number!

Recently I shared this picture on Facebook of my father, Neil Banks standing in his soybean field inspecting the crop and I mentioned his strong work ethic along with his 76th birthday that just passed . It was not until someone commented on the picture about senior active living that I realized I don’t view my parents or their colleagues as seniors.

Perhaps it is because I am physically aging yet in my mind, I am still that young woman that couldn’t possibly have parents that age. On the other hand, I think it is because my parents like many their generation are still running businesses and working well over the forty plus hours in their work week with no sign of slowing down.

One might think my parents are a minority and that they missed the memo that said they should spend their winters on the beach in Florida, but I assure you there are more people continuing to work later in life.

For instance, I need only look to my local Chamber of Commerce to find those who are a generation older than myself who are successfully continuing along their entrepreneurial path. Mel Magalas, the Lyndhurst Seeley's Bay Chamber of Commerce president, moved here in early retirement years only to begin operating Redfish Cottages along with his wife Susan Magalas, who is also an interior designer. Susan works her stylish magic staging houses for area realtors. Speaking of Realtors, Terri Wood according to many, “is the hardest working realtor in the area.”

Another lifelong Lyndhurst resident Chuck Shaw has run the popular Shawmere Cottages for as long as I can remember. Then there is George Tackaberry (pictured below) who heads up G. Tackaberry & Sons Construction and is well known for his ongoing community support over the years. I spoke to George this July when he turned 77, and he was spending the day working at the Athens office like any other day.

George Tackaberry

These people are only a few of the people in my community who continue to be at the helm of their businesses, and we all benefit from their ongoing endurance. Whatever the age whether it’s fifty-five plus, sixty or seventy-seven these are the people we can learn from, laugh with, admire and aspire to be like. You might refer to them as Baby-Boomers, Seniors, Elders or as I prefer to do simply by their name. Either way, I am glad to know them, and I think we should all strive to work longer.

Work can take many forms such as continuing to run your own business, volunteering for a local non-profit or watching your grand-kids regularly. Remember studies have proven that it helps us both physically and cognitively as we age if we stay active at all stages of our lives.

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