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A Successful Summit!

Last weekend I attended Shelli Warren’s Success Summit, fittingly held at the beautiful Maplehurst Manor in Maitland. Many of you already know I am a raving fan of Shelli’s as I have sung her praises on many an occasion. Shelli is known for shining the spotlight on others, and the recent Success Summit was no different.

Billed as a no fluff, all real, business event to inspire and motivate with eight speakers to share their insight it was an event not to be missed. I joined women from all over the region in the hopes of learning, connecting, and coming away with that fresh idea or that nudge that could help me continue on my path with purpose.

Like many in attendance that day I felt compelled to take control of my business as I listened to Karen McDonald Hurley who used the analogy of being the bus driver of your business bus! Also, a young entrepreneur by the name of Ashley Hill motivated me as she discussed with exuberant enthusiasm busting through barriers and building her business by training her business brain.

These ladies and many others inspired me as they spoke, but two others reached me on an entirely different level. Marc Buote, Shelli’s brother who was the only man in attendance that day, was there to speak and share with us the secrets of building a business by referral marketing. This man who endured a lot of teasing from the women who filled the estrogen-fueled event Saturday did so with the utmost dignity. Marc listened to each speaker with sincere interest and respect.

I was instantly impressed that he would commit to spending a day with a group of women and wondered if he was nervous speaking to such a crowd with his sister as the hostess. We struck up a conversation and Marc shared some of his speaking anxieties and coping tactics with me as I divulged my fear of public speaking stressing that for me it’s not “just a case of bad nerves” like some might think. His understanding of panic attacks and willingness to share his vulnerabilities with me allowed him to impart very helpful advice that I took to heart.

Marc went on to tell me with fatherly pride about his daughter who performs in the theatre despite her similar anxieties. He was able to help her so that fear didn’t restrict her from living the life she dreams of and deserves. I have had a chance to put to the test one of Marc’s helpful coping tactics with positive results, and I feel as though my world is about to get a little bit bigger because of the advice he shared with me that day.

Interestingly, the other person who made an impact on a more personal level was Jan Clapp, a woman who was there showing her daughter Chris Clapp support. Chris was a featured speaker that day talking about loving the skin you’re in and her journey to Rodan & Fields.

Chris is a beautiful, classy well spoken, successful woman who any mother would be proud of and Jan beamed with pride while Chris spoke to the crowd. For me, seeing a person interact with a family member or hearing them discuss their kids or grand kids or even pets makes me feel a more personal connection. However, it wasn’t just the closeness that I observed between mother and daughter; it was the stories that Mrs. Clapp felt compelled to share with me while sitting at our table.

Jan is a retired nurse from palliative care, and she told a touching story of a young fellow who she cared for while working years ago. The story seemed to reach my very core and reminded me that showing love and compassion for others is a gift to everyone involved and we must make time for that for real success.

I certainly came away from the event with much more than I had anticipated as I continue on my path to my definition of success. Shelli once again was able to bring together a group of people who impacted one another on many levels. There is no doubt in my mind that it was a success for all involved!

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