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  • Tanya Hammond

What I've Learned Living With Two Large Dogs

Marley and Colby

- I've learned that having 8 wet paws to dry every time you come in from a walk is a little bit like trying to put shoes on a jack rabbit before going for a run.

- I've learned that the bathroom is just a place for four legged spectators.

- I've learned that a small house seems to get even smaller when you add two labs to the living quarters.

- I've learned when you have two dogs on leashes walking beside each other you need to be ready to steer them or the taller male dog can easily pee on the shorter female dog's head. Yes that happens!

- I've learned that one dog will eat an entire bar of soap just to keep the other one from getting it!

- I've learned that one dog can fit 2 tennis balls in his mouth at the same time in order to avoid sharing.

- I've learned that you sometimes choose to stay sitting just so you won't disturb two dogs who finally have settled down on their beds.

- I've learned that dogs figure out that they get a fun car ride back from the neighbours house when they go for an unscheduled run. It's a game right ....?

- I've learned that two dogs tied up can lasso your ankles in a split second and with have you hitting the ground in record time.

- I've learned that 2 dogs can dig a hole under a shed big enough for 1 dog to fit but too small to get back out of.

- I've learned that dogs need to go to the bathroom more than newborns and it requires a shovel not a cute little diaper.

- I've learned that the bin of recycling looks like a giant dog toy box.

- I've learned that dogs who are use to going out on a leash think you still should accompany them outside when they have a fenced in yard.

- I've learned you never have to set an alarm clock when you have dogs that stick their cold, wet nose in your face at four in the morning, every morning!

- I've learned dark hard wood floors don't hide scratches.

- I've learned daily vacuuming is not negotiable.

- I've learned you can turn a blind eye to the cute black dog sitting perfectly pretty in your chair.

- I've learned how to sneak food scraps to one dog so the one with food sensitivities doesn't get jealous and feel left out.

- I've learned that unsolicited salespeople stop dead in their tracks when they see two large dogs ready to great them at the full length glass door.

- I've learned that free dogs can end up costing you a small fortune.

- I've learned there is probably no one more excited to see me after being gone for only 5 minutes.

- I've learned you can laugh and swear all at the same time.

- I've learned to love two dogs!!

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