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I am a Freelance Writer & Columnist, "Notes from the Farmer's Daughter," sharing stories to inspire, educate and entertain

Join me as I share my thoughts and impressions of the world and the people, places and things that inspire me.  I hope you feel moved to visit a business I feature, join a group I mention, explore your surroundings or plant a garden.  My passion project is the new online farm directory I have created to encourage people to shop, visit and stay in Rural Leeds and Grenville. Check out for a list of farmers' markets, county fairs, community events, farms to visit, farm gate stands, greenhouses, garden tours and more.  

Have an idea for a story - drop me an email. 

Check out my past articles in The Mural 

and in Living Here Magazine.


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Tanya Hammond

Leeds and the Thousand Islands

Ontario, Canada

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