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Sharing wisdom, wonder, and workload! 

Follow me as I share my thoughts and impressions of the world around me, the people, places and things that inspire me.  I hope you feel moved to visit a business I feature, join a group I mention, explore your surrounding or even sit and write about what inspires you.   


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if you would like me to write for your publication, help with your online media or even if you have an idea for an upcoming blog feature. 
Why Write?


Writing is the true freedom of expression and a wonderful way to share an experience or a thought with others.  I hope by sharing my writing that I can spark your interest, entertain you, inform you, make you smile or even perhaps awaken the writer within. 


Don't be afraid to explore writing on your own through journal writing, memoir writing, poetry, and the lost art of letter writing, the choice is yours. 


It's never too early or too late to begin. 

Pen, paper and a positive attitude are all that is required to get started! 


Tanya Hammond

Freelance Writer 

I find beauty and meaning in both the ordinary and extraordinary. I hope you enjoy my articles as I share my views and experiences with you. 


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